Facilities Information

Facility information

The facilities information of Recent Culture Hotel is introduced.
Please confirm each page for details.

Entrance / Front / Lobby

Quiet time is spent in the relaxed manner in the calm space.
The true relaxation that we would like to send to you.

Entrance and Front Desk 1F See a floor map. ▶
Lobby 1F、3-6F See a floor map. ▶

Hotel room

We greet our guests with guest rooms rich in variations and delicate service.
A plenty of space with relaxation.
All the furniture including personal effects is prepared cleanly with thoroughgoing consideration.

Suite Room and Junior Suite Room 7F、11F See a floor map. ▶
Luxury (Family) Room 10-11F See a floor map. ▶
Single Room 8-11F See a floor map. ▶
Twin Room /Double Room 8-11F See a floor map. ▶


The restaurant which welcomes you with well-managed service in the calm stylish modern space.
A special lunch and dinner that the chef hangs on his arm and spins.

1F See a floor map. ▶

Riviere 1F See a floor map. ▶
( Last Call: 16:30 P.M.)

Banquet / Conference

The cerebrating party where families and friends gather to the pleasant wedding ceremony.
The time to talk with people of long standing.
We prepare the pleasant time being surrounded with the delicious foods of seasonal taste.

The Manhattan 3F See a floor map. ▶
White Insignia 3F See a floor map. ▶
Venezia 4F See a floor map. ▶
Bologna 4F See a floor map. ▶
Sempione 6F See a floor map. ▶
Mercanti 6F See a floor map. ▶


"Notre Dame Church" Chapel where it is wrapped in a gentle light, and two persons pledge eternal love.
Solemn Shinto wedding ceremony which passes the traditional beauty of Japan elegantly. Here is the ceremony befitting two persons which remains in recollections.

The Glanz New Building 1F See a floor map. ▶
Notre Dame Church New Building 2F See a floor map. ▶
Wedding Hall 5F See a floor map. ▶