Restaurant Club Viage

Well-managed Service and Delicious Meals
Time for making your heart rich.

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”Club Viage”

In the calm stylish and modern space,
you will be greeted with a well-managed service at the restaurant.
By using the food material such as seasonal or local foodstuff,
course dishes particular about each season.
The dinner of special make which a chef does his best to make
can be enjoyed at a reasonable price.

  • Business Hours

    Lunch Time: 11:30 14:00 P.M.
           ( Last Call: 13:30 P.M. )
    Dinner Time: 17:30 P.M. to 21:00 P.M.
           ( Last Call: 20:30 P.M. )

  • Shop Holidays

    Open throughout the year

  • Location

    1F See a floor map. ▶

  • Site

  • Parking Lot

    Free Parking Lot fully Equipped
    ※You can use a Recent Culture Hotel ground plane parking lot (no charge).
    ※Since the parking lot may be fully occupied by group tourists etc., we recommend you to confirm availability of the parking space before you come to the hotel.

Lounge Riviere

The lounge unified in the calm tone.
We prepared the sofa seats where you can relax calmly, and the table seats
where you can feel water and nature on the other side of a window.

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Drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, etc.), light meals (toast sets, cake sets, sandwiches etc.), sundaes, ice cream, etc. are on the menu, and we are waiting for you.